OEM/ODM Services

Leadman Electronics USA, Inc. is a cutting-edge OEM/ODM services and technology provider. With the expertise of our in-house engineering team supported by dedicated EE, ME and power supply partners, we truly have the complete package of resources to provide our clients with the unique hardware and support solutions they require. Leadman delivers high flexibility, consistency and quick turnaround services while maintaining industry-leading quality standards.

Design and Development Services

If you need something special for your product, then our product design and development services may be what you need. Whether it is one component or a hardware appliance, we have the expertise to design and develop all your hardware needs.


  • Servers – Servers, blades, racks, clusters, desktops and workstations, and more…
  • Chassis – custom chassis and blades, custom painted/branded parts, lighted branding elements, and more
  • Power supplies – industrial power supplies with redundancy, stand-alone power supplies, high-efficiency, standards compliant, and more
  • Boards – motherboards, IO cards and more
  • Firmware – custom system and component firmware development
  • Shipping box – custom shipping box design and drop test
  • Standards Compliance – Safety and EMC compliance, NEBS compliance, and more

Manufacturing Services

Leadman Electronics’s manufacturing services are based in the Silicon Valley. We’ll take on any integration or kitting contract. High volume single SKU, low volume and high mix, a one-time jobs, rework of product, refurbishment, and almost anything else are not a problem for us. Some of our manufacturing capabilities include:


  • Manufacturing process development
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Software and firmware imaging
  • System and component level functional testing with test logs
  • HDD pre-screening
  • Manufacturing and quality metrics reporting
  • Product data reporting
  • Test automation and test software development
  • Elevated temperature chamber testing
  • Ongoing reliability testing
  • Change management
  • Custom label and packaging label design
  • Packing and shipping
  • Direct order fulfillment
  • Domestic and global shipping

Support Services

Leadman Electronics has the capability to support your product through end-of-life. Work with our sales team to find the right type of support service for you.


  • Repair service depot in the USA
  • Product refurbishment and re-certification
  • ECO upgrades
  • Secure erasure of storage media
  • Recycling and environmentally responsible waste management

PCB Coating 

Conformal coating is a liquid protective barrier applied to PCB boards to provide better insulation, protection, or conductivity. There are multiple different application methods and coating materials and textures for different purposes. Most commonly, they are used to add extra stability, durability and strength to the boards from external elements, shock, or pressures. 


  • Spraying
  • Conformal Coating services
  • Potting/Encapsulating
  • UV curing 
  • Turn-key quick service