Success Story

IB2000 Network Appliance

Image of IB2000

Hardware design:
Based on the customer’s PRD, Leadman designed the system with hot swap hard drive carriers, redundant power supply and redundant hot swap system fans. The system thermal control meets industry standards and it is FCC approved, UL, CSA, TUV, CCC, CE and VDE certified.

Leadman adhered to the customer’s preference for selecting on-the-shelf components as the majority of system components. The system’s components and hardware were all selected or designed to fit the customer’s specified requirements.
Leadman strove to find current components with active 3-5 year life cycles for product consistency.

Time to market:
Leadman took only 3 months to develop the system from the ground up to mass production. During the 3 month period, Leadman provided design drawings, two time first articles, thermal validation, FCC and safety certification and finally mass production and drop shipment to end users. Our customer was extremely happy with Leadman’s delivery of a high-quality product in a reduced timeline.