Success Story

LN5000 and LN1000 Security and Governance Servers

  • A customized product design for a networking equipment customer completed on schedule in March 2015
  • Products comply with safety and EMC requirements of US, EU, etc.
  • Redundant and hot swappable system power supplies
  • 10Gbps copper ports
  • Internal SSD in RAID configuration with battery backup
  • Intel TPM and remote KVM
  • Tamper resistant design to prevent unauthorized physical access to the internal hardware components
  • A side access port for expansion modules is featured on the LN5000
  • Cosmetic features were designed to create a high quality brand image:
    • High quality paint job to rival that of a high end automobile
    • RoHS compliant mounting hardware that mimics the chrome on an automobile
    • Backlit corporate brand and logo using energy efficient LEDs
    • Cosmetic features
    • Custom package design with customer’s branding